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Our winemaking philosophy

We believe wines should be long lasting, great tasting and, above all, memorable.

With great wines, your senses, particularly smell and taste, should be called to attention
with excitement, anticipation and stimulation.

We understand great wines reflect their terroir, vintage and personality and have a level of quality that arises from a deep understanding of winemaking techniques and premium grapes.

Starting in the vineyard, we’ve selected only the grape varieties that grow well in our climate, in our soil type and at our latitude. 

Next, our grapes are handpicked at the peak of ripeness and brought directly to the winery where they’re carefully selected and crushed using a small, gentle crusher/destemmer. 


The entire winemaking process from crushing the freshly picked grapes to bottling the finished wine is done on-premises, is hands-on, and is incredibly time and labour intensive. Our red spend in oak barrels a 14 months period, in our basement, and we bottle, label, cork and capsule directly at the property with our own equipment.

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We firmly believe that keeping the entire winemaking process in-house is critical to producing a premium bottle of wine.

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