The guided Tour

Guided tour in English :

     morning at       10am - 11.30am (on Saturday only at 11am)

     afternoon at     2.30pm - 4pm (on Saturday only at 2pm)

Guided tour in French and Portuguese need to be scheduled, just contact us.


It's better to book the tour, otherwise you might not be able to do it. And please, let us know if you want any extra.

The Tour can be made in

  • English

  • Portuguese

  • French (in French you need to book the tour previouly)


The Tour will take 20 to 30 minutes + the tasting time (takes 1 hour with tapas), and includes:


  • The presentation of the winery and vineyard.

  • Visit to the winery vats and wine process explanation.

  • Visit to the basement and the oak barrels area.

  • Tasting of 3 wines.



We are always available for group visits, however, those must be previously scheduled.


The maximum capacity of our wine shop is 50 people .


Guided tour and tasting of 3 wines

ODELOUCA White, Red 2018


​In case of Stock shortage, a different wine can be served

For a group > or=to 8 persons

8,50€ /person

For a group < to 8 persons

8,00€ /person

Free for children

Extras with the tour

Cheese, ham and bread/crackers

5,00€ /person

Tasting our top wines Quinta do Francês (0,5cl)

Quinta do Francês White 2018 - 2,00€/glass

Quinta do Francês Red 2017 - 2,00€/glass


Prices in effect until 31/12/2020

Please, let us know when you make your booking if you want any extra with the tour.

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